Our Fees

Listing Fee

Our listing fees are simple and easy to understand, it’s clear and transparent. To publish a listing on Pedigree Sales, users must first pay a listing fee. Once the fee has been paid in full, the listing will publish immediately. If your listing does not sell, then Users can avail of 3 free relists!


Listing fees as of NOVEMBER 1st 2021 are...

£/€ List Value Under 500.00 = €6.00
£/€ List Value Under 750.00 = €9.00
£/€ List Value Under 1,000.00 = €12.00
£/€ List Value Under 1,500.00 = €18.00
£/€ List Value Under 10,00.00 = €20.00
£/€ List Value Under 15,000.00 = €30.00
£/€ List Value Under 19,000.00 = €60.00
£/€ List Value above 20,000.00 = €80.00

*We do not charge sales commission to the buyer or seller



Service Charge

When an item is successfully sold, a flat rate Invoice Service charge of 10.00 € will be applied to cover Compliance Processing costs (Invoice Service, GDPR compliance, AML & KYC compliance reporting and record keeping) to each of the successful Buyer and Seller in a transaction.
Before placing a bid on Pedigree Sales, each User must enter their card details for our fees to be deducted.
The Buyer pays the Seller directly for the final sale price of the listing. After bidding has closed, a direct line of private communication is made between the Buyer and Seller to arrange payment and any outstanding transport arrangements, the details of which will be captured by our Invoice Service.
As a winning bidder, you are obligated to pay the Seller at the close of auction. If you do not pay for your item, you will not receive a refund of the invoice charge, you will be blocked from bidding on www.pedigreesales.com.
If your credit card is declined for insufficient funds for either the Listing fee or Compliance Processing Costs a 50.00 € charge shall be applicable.

Did You Know...

Pedigree Sales offer an Elite Sales service which gives users the option to list multiple lots in a fully managed sale environment. Our team of professionals will guide, market, and promote your sale from start to finish. Want to find out about our Elite fees and more?

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