About Pedigree Sales

When it comes to buying and selling livestock and farming machinery online, here’s how we’re adding value to our users’ experiences!

Dependable & Affordable

Buy/Sell your livestock & machinery with confidence and ease.

We’re an innovative team of livestock and technology experts who saw a need for faster, more reliable and more cost-effective ways to auction livestock and farm machinery. We help farmers, buyers and sellers find newer, better ways to buy and sell livestock and machinery by giving you a platform that does it all.

We want to create a thriving ecosystem of dedicated sellers and loyal buyers who have the same goal in mind – finalising their transactions as safely, affordably, and simply as possible.

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The Benefits

Why Choose Us

Save On Costs

Our online livestock and machinery auctioning platform completely cuts out the need for transportation to and from physical lots, and instead gives you the complete convenience of digital auctioning.

Hassle-Free Sales

If you’re tired of dealing with the haggling, time-consuming messages or phone calls, and complete no-shows that typically come with listing your products or livestock on classified websites, then you’re in the right place. Our platform gives you higher returns, ensures lower transportation costs, and helps protect your best interests at all times.

Prevent Disease/Injury

Our online livestock and machinery auctioning platform gives you a way to sell your livestock safely and quickly, without setting foot off your farm, which means that you could reduce the risk of potential disease or injury.

Buy/Sell With Confidence

We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve when it comes to investing in livestock and farming machinery. Pedigree Sales Ltd is used by farmers and sellers who genuinely care about the quality and success of their sales, so you can rest assured knowing you’ll get the very best value for your money, every time.


Two Unique Platforms


A self-managed solution allowing users to upload their own listings, set their own reserve price, and much more…


A fully-managed solution, geared towards pedigree herd sales in a sequential lot-closing format.

What Our Sellers Say:

“I can’t recommend Pedigree Sales enough. We put our trust in their team and platform and it paid off, we will be back for another sale this year “

Nigel Hogan ~ Rathnashan Simmentals

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